Company-wide Safety

The lead Safety Personnel are Thomas Castellarin as the Safety Coordinator and Dave Seneker as Head Field Safety. These two are responsible for implementing and informing field and office personnel of Safety Requirements. The Head Field Safety also performs Field audits of projects.

M&O Companies has a formal Safety Manual which contains our programs, such as, Haz Com and Respiratory Protection. This Safety Manual is supplied to all Foremen. The manual is updated when new regulations are mandated.

New employees go through a site specific and general M&O Safety orientation. This is provided by Head Field Safety. Once they are on the jobsite, a weekly Safety (Toolbox) Meeting is held. The Foremen are given specific matters to talk about, but the foremen are encouraged to discuss the jobsite situation to help maintain a safe work site.

We encourage the employees to give their opinion if they feel there is a safer way of doing a project and if it is feasible to do, which it usually is, they are free to do it.


M&O requires all incidents/accidents to be reported to the office. This is done through a series of forms. The first form is the initial reporting of the incident/accident. The second form is the investigation form that includes ways to prevent such incident/accident from occurring. A third form is used to obtain the way the incident/accident occurred in the words of the employee involved. These forms are maintained by our Insurance Administrator at the main office. M&O places the incident/accident reports onto a database. This enables us to notice any trends and implement procedures to prevent such trends from extending. We communicate any concerns to our employees on a weekly, monthly/quarterly basis. The weekly communication is done by text. The monthly/quarterly communication is a letter to the Foreman. This letter includes concerns that we need to be stressed. The quarterly also includes the weekly safety talks.

The employees are encouraged to stress their concerns over unsafe conditions to the Foreman, Field Safety, or the Superintendent. At no time should an employee place themselves in an unsafe condition. We encourage the employees to give their opinion if they feel there is a safer way of doing a project and if it is feasible to do, which it usually is, they are free to do it.

We encourage the employees to give their opinion if they feel there is a safer way of doing a project and if it is feasible to do, which it usually is, they are free to do it.

Everyone’s Responsibility

At M&O Companies, everyone involved in fieldwork is responsible for safety. With this, the Safety Coordinator and Head Field Safety are in constant communication with the Estimators, Labor, COO, and CEO. Concerns are discussed openly with each other to ensure the employees are not placed in an unsafe condition. The Safety Coordinator and Head Field Safety attend training sessions that are deemed beneficial for the company. If notice is given and training is deemed feasible, then they are readily available for such training. M&O Companies abides by all OSHA Standards for our industry. We maintain about 75 Foremen. The Foremen are competent in many areas such as Scaffolding, Confined Space, Haz Com, Fall Protection, and Respiratory Protection. If a specific job site calls for specialized training, M & O will provide that for our workers. M & O Companies uses union members that have OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour safety training. In short, M&O Companies commitment to providing a safe worksite is a multi-faceted program. It includes the following:


A) On-site responsibilities such as being able to stop work to correct unsafe acts or conditions.

B) Jobsite-specific training performed before work commences.

C) Field employees are annually trained and licensed in the proper procedures for the removal of asbestos.D) Foremen communicate with field personnel to allow concerns to be stressed and corrected.

E) Field personnel are instructed to report all accidents/injuries or incidents of any kind or severity immediately.


A) Foremen perform a daily safety check.

B) Foremen perform a weekly Tool Box Safety Talk.

C) Foremen can stop work to correct unsafe conditions.

D) Foremen keep a daily log to keep track of work.

E) Foremen are instructed to maintain a safe work site and can get safety equipment up and beyond the required equipment to do so.

F) Foremen perform investigations on all accidents.


A) Estimators, Field Safety and Field Superintendents perform a Pre-job Safety Task.

B) Company provides all Personnel Protection Equipment and Safety Equipment needed for specific job sites.

C) Field Safety make regular visits to sites to ensure a safe work site. This can range from Weekly visits to daily check-in.

D) Weekly Safety Talks are provided to Foremen with a Quarterly Letter.

E) Safety Concerns are communicated to all employees through a “Safety Minute” which texted to the employees.

F) Training required for specific job is provided.

G) Head Field Safety reviews the foremen accident investigations and will perform their own investigation.

H) CEO and COO are notified of all accidents and are updated of the progress of the claim and injured employee.

I) Safety Coordinator, Head Field Safety, and Field Superintendent maintain communication with injured employees. This helps to facilitate getting the injured treated and back to work in a timely matter.

As our record shows, M&O Companies is committed to safety. We continually encourage all of our workers to act and think safety. We stress this not for the company’s sake, but for the sake of the individual worker.